How A Moving Company Can Help Move Your Pool Table To Your New Home

Pool tables bring people together. It is a fun way to entertain guests when they visit your home. Some families add one to their home when there is enough space. After you have assembled your pool table, you are thinking it is going to be in that spot forever. If you are planning to buy a new house, then you may have move your pool table to your new location. Read on to find out how a moving company can help move your pool table to your new home.

Understand The Difficulty

A pool table is one of the hardest thing to move. It is bulky, wide, heavy and made of delicate parts. This device is also difficult to take apart. Pool tables are different from dining room tables. It is more complex than unscrewing the legs. For example, removing the felt and putting it back on your pool table can be tricky. If you damage the felt, then you could end up frustrated and out of money.

Call In The Professionals

It is common to think that you can move your billiards table with a group of friends. However, you should call in a professional moving company for this job. Professional movers have experience with moving everything from large couches to massive bookshelves. They have the expertise to take your pool table apart. This expertise includes carefully cataloging each piece, packing the important parts separately and assembling the pieces in your new home. Cataloging means the pieces are removed carefully and labeled. This process makes it easy to put the table back together.

Get Access To Tools

You are going to need tools to disassemble your pool table. These tools include a power drill, socket wrench, safety goggles, a flathead screwdriver and a staple puller. If you do not have the original directions, then movers will follow general instructions for disassembling your pool table.

The staple puller is used to remove the staples to unfasten the six side pockets. These six side pockets are one of several parts that you have to remove to disassemble a pool table.

Moving is something that most people do not enjoy doing. If you must move, then you should be organized and get professional help. Preparing for your move prevents unexpected events and any delays. An experienced moving company can help you move with efficiency and within a timely manner. They will come when you need them and work around your schedule.

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