Pack And Prepare Possessions In Your Den Prior To Storing Them In A Rental Unit

If you are going to be remodeling your den and need to store an entertainment center, couch, recliner, and large video collection in a rental unit while the project is being completed, pack and prepare the items by using the guidelines that follow. By doing so, your possessions will remain protected and organized after being placed in a storage unit. 

  • dusting cloths
  • cleaning agent
  • power drill
  • tarps
  • furniture moving sliders
  • cart
  • anchor straps
  • fitted covers
  • typed list
  • waterproof container with lid

Clean And Disassemble The Entertainment Center

Remove the television set and videos from the entertainment center. Use a standard cleaning agent to dampen a cleaning cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the entertainment unit's surface. If the piece of furniture is heavy and can easily be disassembled, use a power drill to remove hardware before pulling the furniture pieces apart. If the unit cannot be taken apart, use a tarp to cover the entertainment center.

Slide furniture moving sliders underneath the corners of the unit. Push the unit toward the cart that you are using to transport items outdoors. Ask a friend or relative to assist with loading the center onto the cart. After placing the entertainment center in the vehicle that is being used to haul items to a storage facility, secure anchor straps around the unit so that the unit doesn't tip over while it is being transported. 

Cover Furniture And Pack Videos

Purchase waterproof furniture covers that are fitted and secure one over each piece of furniture that is being placed in storage. After using a cart to move furniture outdoors, load the furniture into the moving vehicle and secure them with anchor straps.

Open all of the video covers to ensure that the proper video is inside of each one. Sort the videos by title or theme and place them in stacks. Type a list of the videos on a computer or typewriter so that you can keep track of the various titles that you own after the videos are placed inside of a storage unit.

Purchase a waterproof container that has a built-in cover or separate lid. Line the bottom of the container with small pieces of foam. Spread the foam pieces out so that they are dispersed evenly inside of the container. Line the videos up inside of the container. Add a layer of foam pieces over the videos to prevent them from moving inside of the container while possessions are being moved to a storage facility. 

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