3 Potential Packing Mistakes When Moving

Are you packing up all your belongings for a big move? Know that there are some common mistakes that you can make when doing so. Packing mistakes could result in damaged items when they arrive at your new home, which can be quite costly if the purpose was to save money with how you packed things in the first place. Do yourself a favor and don't make these three mistakes:

Incorrectly Using Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a packing material that works great when it is used properly. The problem with bubble wrap is that it has the ability to trap moisture, which will cause metals to corrode. While this is not likely to happen if items are being packed and unpacked on the same day, it can be a problem for items that you plan on storing until you need them again.

For instance, you may have extra flatware in your home that you do not have an immediate need for. Bubble wrap can trap moisture around tightly wrapped flatware, causing corrosion when you eventually unpack it.

The same warning applied to electronic devices. These expensive gadgets have metal parts inside them, which can corrode if wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. Moisture is dangerous to electronics, which is why you often see them packed with silica gel when you buy them brand new. If you insist on using bubble wrap, throw some of those silica gel packets inside to help absorb the moisture.

Wrapping Items With Old Newspapers

Newspaper is cheap and easy to use when wrapping small glass items. Unfortunately, the ink from the newspaper can transfer to the item you are wrapping. You can still use newspaper for padding, but make sure that the initial layer that touches the item is paper without any ink on it. Additional layers can be done with extra newspaper lying around to give it the cushion the item needs.

Using Odd Shaped Bags and Boxes

Good moving boxes are one thing you should spend money on. The boxes are designed to contain heavy objects, withstand a move, and stack on each other efficiently. You'll find that the money you spend on boxes could be saved by fitting everything into the moving truck for a single trip, as well as allowing your movers to work faster by handling standard sized boxes.

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