Tips For Moving Your TV To Your New Home

Are you getting ready for an upcoming move, but have some odd-shaped items that you do not know how to prepare? One of the most expensive items you may be concerned about is your television. Here are some tips for moving your TV to your new home to ensure it is safe.

Use The Original Box When Possible

If you recently bought the TV with an upcoming move known, it's a good idea to hold onto the original box that the TV came in. This is going to have the perfect size, handles, and foam inserts to protect the TV in the best possible way. If you do not have the box, know that you can also buy boxes specifically made for moving a TV at your local moving supply store. It may not fit as perfectly as the original box, but it will still protect it during transportation. 

Cover The Screen With Cardboard

You will have to get a bit creative if you don't have a box to put the TV in. This is because one part of the TV that you definitely do not want to damage is the screen itself. All it takes is a wrong bump against a corner to have the TV screen shatter and make it unusable. As such, one way to protect the screen is to use cardboard. 

Get an extra-large moving box and cut it open so that it spans over the entire screen. Then, trace an outline of the screen around the box so you can cut the cardboard to the exact size. Secure the cardboard in place by using plastic wrap around the TV. This will act as a protective barrier and prevent the screen from being damaged by any bumps. In addition, cover the TV screen with a furniture pad for added protection, especially once you get it onto the moving truck.

Remove All Cables

As convenient as you may think it is to leave some cables plugged into the TV, this can easily damage those ports if it gets pumped. If a port gets damaged or bent, you could end up with an expensive repair to fix, which may be as expensive as getting a new TV. Likewise, with some ports being quite limited, such as HDMI or power ports, your TV could be unusable if they become broken. 

Reach out to a moving company to handle your move. They will ensure that all your belongings are treated with the best care possible. A residential moving company can provide additional information. 

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