4 Reasons A Drive-Up Storage Unit Is Worth It

When it comes to renting a storage unit, you can rent multiple types of storage units. There are indoor storage units, and there are outdoor drive-up storage units. There are distinct advantages that come with renting a drive-up storage unit.

#1: Lower Costs

One of the most significant advantages of renting an outdoor drive-up storage unit is that you will enjoy lower storage costs. A drive-up storage unit generally costs less because the structure itself is simpler than an indoor storage facility, where the environment is climate-controlled.

As the building itself is simpler, the building doesn't require the same amount of energy usage to maintain it; the costs to maintain the building are lower, and thus, your rental costs will be lower. Outdoor storage units are usually a fraction of the cost of indoor storage options.

#2: Various Sizes

Second, with drive-up storage units, you generally have access to a variety of different size units. You can go for a small 5x5 unit, or you can go for a larger 15x20 unit. You will be able to choose from various-sized units, just like you can with an indoor storage unit.

#3: Vehicle Storage

One of the unique aspects of drive-up storage is that, with the right-sized storage unit, you can store a vehicle inside of your storage unit as well. So, if you have a car that you want to keep safe, you can put it inside of a drive-up storage unit.

You can put items other than a classic car or truck inside the storage unit. You can also store things such as a small boat, an ATV, or a motorcycle inside the storage unit.

#4: Easy Access

With an outdoor storage unit, you have easy access to the unit. You can literally drive up in your vehicle and unload items from your vehicle directly into your storage unit. When you need to pick something up from your storage unit, you can drive directly up to your storage unit and load the items into your vehicle. With a drive-up storage unit, you don't have to haul your items inside and through hallways to get to your storage unit or use a dolly to transport your items inside. It is easy to load and unload items into your storage unit when you have an outdoor storage unit.

A drive-up storage unit is generally more affordable than an indoor storage unit. You can rent various size units, even ones that are large enough to accommodate vehicles. You can also enjoy easy access for loading and unloading items.

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