Movers? Decluttering? Packing? The Do's And Don'ts Of Moving In A Hurry

Do you need to move—and move quickly? From hiring movers to planning and packing, you have weeks or even days to complete the entire process. If you're not sure how to effectively and efficiently move in a hurry, take a look at the top time-saving tips.

Do Get Real-World Moving Services References

How long will it take you to scroll through Internet search results, contact individual contractors, and read dozens of reviews? If you don't have time to research two, three, or more moving companies, start with your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone else who you know in real life.

Online reviews may come from real people. But generic-sounding references and overly positive reviews that don't include information about specific services could come from anyone—including paid sources. Save yourself time and skip anonymous online reviews. 

Don't Skip the Lists

You don't think that you have time to write lengthy moving lists. Even though list-making is an extra step and will add time to the process, these itemized documents can help you to plan and organize the move. To save extra time, you can use ready-made checklists. Some moving companies, websites, and move-related organizations/associations may provide customers or readers with downloadable and printable lists to use.

Do Declutter First

There's no reason to pack items or furniture that you will never use again. Not only will this help you to streamline your move, but it can also decrease costs. Non-binding, binding, and binding-not-exceed are the three primary types of moving estimates. These quotes are based on the actual or projected weight of your move. This means a higher weight move will cost you more. 

Minimize your to-move haul with a serious decluttering session. Separate everything you can't use or won't need. Damaged or unusable items can go into the trash or (depending on the material content) recycling bin. You can sell or donate everything else. If you don't have time to hold a garage sale, use an online service to quickly and easily unload these items.

Don't Pack Alone

Now that you've found a mover, created lists, and decluttered, you're ready to pack. Instead of a solo packing session, ask your friends and family to help. Additional hands can decrease the time needed to pack, making it possible to move in days instead of weeks or months. If you don't have friends or family nearby (or they aren't available to help with the packing process), explore full-service moving options. A full-service mover is exactly what the name sounds like. These contractors provide all of the services you will need—from packing to transportation.

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Do you need to move—and move quickly? From hiring movers to planning and packing, you have weeks or even days to complete the entire process. If you'r

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