Getting A More Accurate Moving Estimate

Moving can be expensive. However, it is a lot easier to plan for the expense of moving if you have a clear, accurate idea of how much it will cost. Most moving companies are more than happy to give estimates. These are usually non-binding estimates, which means that your actual moving costs may be lower or higher depending on how the job actually goes. So how can you help movers give you a more accurate non-binding estimate? Here are a few tips.

Get an on-site estimate

Even if you don't follow any of the other tips in this article, follow this one. Moving companies are sometimes willing to give estimates over the phone or even online. This can be nice if you're in a pinch, but it's not ideal. Movers can be so much more accurate in their estimates if they actually see your house or apartment in person when giving the estimate. This way, they'll know what doors and hallways they need to navigate through. They'll know exactly what furniture they need to move, and they'll get a better idea of how many boxes they'll need. It's worth spending an extra hour or a half hour to meet your movers and get an on-site estimate.

Give them your exact delivery address

Movers don't always ask for an exact address when giving an estimate. Especially if you're going a longer distance, they may just ask for the town or city at this point. However, you can ask that they take your exact address into account. This will enable them to more accurately calculate how much gas they'll use. They can also look at the parking options, home layout, and other details to get an idea of how long it will take to unload.

Point out items that require special packaging

Do you have any delicate china, valuable paintings, or other items that need special packing or packaging to protect them during shipping? Point these out to your movers while they're writing up an estimate. Movers may not recognize these items as they look through your home, especially if the items are inside a cabinet or drawer. Pointing them out ensures the movers account for any extra materials or time needed to protect these items.

Contact a service to learn more about moving estimates. They can give you quite an accurate idea of how much your move will cost. Follow the tips above for increased accuracy, and ask your movers for additional advice.

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